Coming Home To Self with Brujas of Brooklyn

July 1, 2021 at 1:00 am UTC on Zoom

Coming Home To Self with Brujas of Brooklyn

A Collective Breath: Coming Home to Self

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The first event in our three-part series: A Collective Breath

Revel in the power of community as we collectively celebrate the Summer Solstice and welcome in new beginnings, visions and ventures. The Brujas of Brooklyn, sisters of spiritual awakenings, will lead us through an evening of breathwork practice, sacred meditation, and cleansing rituals.

About Brujas of Brooklyn:

We are Afro-Dominican identical twins, born and raised in Brooklyn.

Ph.D., Social Science Brujas. Professors and Scholars.

True Witch Doctors!

We believe in the power of spirit to cast spells that aid in collective healing.

Our craft is specifically dedicated to womb-healing.

We do so by creating safe spaces for women to share, grow, and release.